Lou Tanner was a cop working the west side of Chicago. Now in all America there may be a more God forsaken piece of real estate, but as far as Lou was concerned this was the arm pit ofthe western world! Thatís not to say that Lou was unhappy working here, because you see Lou was a vice cop in one of the most corrupt cities in the world. If you wanted to make a lot of money real quick and easy, the Big Windy was the place to be! Being a vice cop just made it all the easier. On the outside Lou looked like any other $40,000 a year working stiff. A three year old car, a comfortable bungalow on the far northwest side, Catholic school for his two sons, anda two week vacation to Florida once a year with the wife. That was on the outside. Underneathall that average Joe appearance was the life of a man on the take. For some cops the ďtakeĒ would mean taking a sawbuck to let a speeder walk on a twenty over violation. Two cops to a squad and maybe ten hits per day added up to only half a C-note apiece. Not bad, but no wherenear what Lou and his pals in vice knocked down.

Last week Lou and his partner Dave Katz were following up on a tip that a big cocaine buy wasgoing down behind a old brick two flat on west Harrison. The two cops were watching the drop point from the inside of an old panel truck Lou kept for just such occasions. It was loadedwith the latest electronic surveillance gear as well as a small armyís worth of firepower. One ofLouís favorite sayings was, ďYou canít ever pack too much heat on the West Side!Ē When Lou observed the buy going down he signaled Dave who was hiding in an adjacent garage. Both cops then rushed the startled dealers who were quickly handcuffed and thrown to the ground.They frisked one of the punks and found $5000 in cash and at least $10,000 worth of cocaine!At this point Dave explained the facts of life to the handcuffed dealers, they could keep half thecoke and walk with no questions asked, or put up a stink and spend the next five to ten at thestate pen in Joliet. Even these dumb fuckers could figure out their next move, and two minutes later they were hightailing it down the alley a little poorer for their trouble! Now five grand split two ways was not half bad! Later on they could sell the coke to dealers they were friendly with, and probably knock down another grand apiece on that. That was life on the West Side. Big money and for big stakes.

Money. The money was good. Safety deposit boxes. Unnumbered foreign bank accounts. Oneother thing made being a vice cop on the West Side so, uh shall we say ďinterestingĒ, was all thefree pussy that a cop could handle. Most of the whores were controlled by a few powerful pimps.In order for the girls to stay on the street and out of jail the pimps had either pay the cops off in cold hard cash, drugs, or give the boys in blue a little taste of the poontang! Last week Lou and Dave had just arrested a hooker named Amber. Just as they were putting her into the squad carup drives Amberís pimp, Joey C. Now Joey was in no mood to have one of his girls off the streetfor even and hour or two, so he pulled Lou over to the side and told him that he and Dave could have a nice party with a couple of new young bitches he had just turned out. They were both eighteen and built. Just let Amber take a walk and the party would start over at the ďhouseĒ.Ten minutes later the two cops were inside an old storefront building Joey C. used as an office.In back were a rabbit warren of rooms that the girls could use with their tricks. Waiting in two ofthe rooms were the new talent Joey had promised.

Joey hadnít been kidding, the girls were knockouts! The girl Lou chose was sitting on the edge of a double bed dressed only in a bra and panties. Her large chest spilled out over the top of her obviously too small bra. He panties were crotchless and Lou could see that she had a very hairy pussy with thick protruding lips! She said her name was Mona as she stood up and started to take off Louís clothes. Her chest jiggled when she moved even slightly, and Louís cock was now making a tent inside his pants as his eyes feasted on the young hookerís body. Now standing naked in front of her, Lou reached around Mona to release the catch on her over worked bra. As it fell to the floor her tits bounced free of their prison and stood out large and proud with just the tiniest bit of sag. Lou had never seen such a magnificent pair in his whole life, and he quickly buried his face between them and sucked each nipple, alternating between each one. As Lou nursed on the large nipples Mona reached down and slowly jerked the big erection. Even though she got paid to have sex with strange men, she still couldnít help but get excited by the nipple sucking she was getting and the feel of a big head in her hand, and Monaís pussy began to cream uncontrollably. Lou reluctantly left Monaís nipples and pushed her back down onto the bed. On her back her big titsstill held their incredible shape. By now Lou had but one thing on his mind, and he stared down at the split crotch panties that were now glistening with cunt juice. Mona had her legs spread wide apart and thrust her cunt towards Louís rigid pecker, her face looking angelic, but her body that of a total slut! Lou dropped to his knees and slowly ran his tongue up and down the hot slit that was exposed through the now wet panties. When his tongue found Monaís clit she writhed her body around so Lou would get a better angle at it! The little bitch was hot as a fire cracker! After only several seconds of sucking she began to buck her hips trying to force her cunt farther into his mouth! It wasnít long after that until Mona was having an orgasm in Louís mouth. God she loved to be eaten!!!

After Mona had regained her strength, the two of them changed positions, Lou on the bed and Mona between his legs. If there was one thing Mona could do it was suck cock!!! She had sucked her first dick when she was only fifteen and it hadnít taken her long to find out that she could control just about any boy with her mouth! Lou was about to find out that Mona had a gift! Louís cock was leaking precum like a dripping faucet, so Mona used the tip of her tongue to softly lick the slit on the end of Louís pecker. His cock spasmed as Mona then sucked it deeply into her throat, slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed, working Louís shaft up and down until he was ready to shoot it into her throat. Just when he was about to cum, Mona jumped up, straddled his hips, and them impaled her pussy on his raging hard on! On the first plunge both Mona and Lou were cumming together in a steaming crescendo of lust! Lou couldnít believe how tight Monaís little pussy was, and he shot spurt after spurt of cum deep in her hole! Mona finally fell in a heap on Louís chest gasping for breath!

Lou gave Monaís tit a little squeeze when he finished dressing and stood up to leave. MeetingDave in the hall, the two cops exchanged glances and slipped out the back door to their waitingunmarked car. Dave looked and Lou and said, ďAnother profitable day on the West Side!Ē


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