Ben had never been so happy in his entire life! Here he was just home from his honeymoon,and ready to begin is marriage with the most beautiful and loving girl a man could ever hope for.To say his courtship of Sarah had been a whirlwind affair would be an understatement! Less that two months ago he had met her for the first time at a New Years Eve party given by a mutual friend. They left the party arm in arm, and had been together ever since. Ben knew on his first date that Sarah was the girl for him. Incredibly beautiful, with big doe eyes, long flowing brown hair, a face like and angel, and a body that would make Jezebel jealous! Every time he even looked at her, he had to pinch himself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream.

Six months later, it was better than ever. Both of them had good high paying jobs, and with no financial worries, they could spend all the free time concentrating on the one thing they love the most--fucking each other’s brains out!! What made it even better for Ben, was the fact that his new bride while looking like a second grade school teacher, so prim and proper, had the sexual appetite of a five dollar whore! She just couldn’t seem to get enough! And that was just fine with him! Just the mere sight of her taking off her clothes drove Ben crazy with lust. It seemed that they spent more time in bed than anywhere else! Sarah loved to ride Ben’s big pecker, sitting on top of him, while grinding here pussy up and down, her heavy breasts bouncing up and down as she drove herself to orgasm. Although not hung like a porn star, Ben had a respectable seven inches of meat between his legs, and Sarah was in love with every one of them! It was an idyllic life for the two newlyweds, and neither one of them had any idea of the terror that was about to befall them.

Ben and Sarah lay together intertwined, lost in a deep sleep. The digital alarm clock next to the bed glowed a soft red 2:33am, Ben’s snoring completely masked the noise of the opening of the front door. A solitary figure padded silently down the long hall and went directly to the bedroomdoor. Standing outside the door, and listening intently to discern if anyone was awake, the intruder quietly pushed open the door and crept inside. The two sleeping forms on the bed wereoblivious to the sound of a silenced 9mm automatic being pulled out of a carrying case. Only when the lights were suddenly turned on and a stern voice ordering them to be quiet and not to move, were they aware of anyone else in the room. “What the hell’s going on here,” exclaimed Ben, as he tried to adjust his eyes to the light! “Shut up and be quiet,” a familiar voice hissed! “Krista, it’s you,” a stunned Ben stammered, “what are you doing here?!?” “What do you think,asshole,” she spat, “I’m gonna make you fucking pay for dumping me for this little slut!!!!” Ben looked over at a very frightened wife, who was clinging to his arm and shaking at the same time.It was at that moment that Ben first noticed the automatic Krista was holding in her right hand.“Why the gun, Kris,” he asked in a slow measured voice? She made a vile laugh and said, “I don’t think you two would be too cooperative without it!” For the first time Sarah spoke, and in a shaky voice asked, “W-w -what are you going to do with us?” “Oh,” Krista replied, “the little slut can talk!” “You’ll find out soon enough, cunt!” Reaching into a duffel bag she had brought along, Krista pulled out a hand full of thin ropes cut to about twenty four inches each. Tossing them on the bed, she told Sarah to tie Ben up spread eagle to the bed frame. Ben started to protest, but Krista cut him off by pointing the gun at his new wife. When he was safely bound,Krista sat down in a chair next to the bed, tossed a pair of scissors to her and ordered, “Cut off his shorts, bitch, and make it snappy!” Never taking her eyes off of the evil gun, Sarah did as she was told, cutting away her husbands briefs. “Mmmmm, now that looks very familiar,” Krista said, as she looked at Ben’s soft pecker. “Ya know Benny, I really missed that big cock of yours, I really have,” she continued, “but it looks so forlorn, all soft and all, I think we should do something about that, don’t you?” “Krista, what ever you have in mind, forget it,” implored Ben, “we won’t have anything to do with you!” “Oh really, Ben, don’t be that way,” Krista smirked, “I don’t think Sarah here wants to become a widow at age twenty three!” “What do you want,” Sarah practically shrieked, “just tell me what you want!!!” “Now that’s a good girl,” remarked Krista, “so well behaved, I like that!” “Okay little slut, you want to know what to do, I’ll tell you what to do!” “Suck him off now, and I mean right now!!!” “Do it, now!!!” Sarah looked fearfully at Ben, and said, “Darling, I have no choice,” and with that dropped her head into Ben’s crotch and took his big penis into her mouth. Try as he might, Ben couldn’t keep his manhood from growing to it’s full nine inch length. Never in his life had he had a woman who could suck his cock like Sarah could, and this time was no exception! She was a veritable cock hound, and no matter that she had a gun trained on her, once she started sucking, she immediately was under the spell of his organ. “Very talented Benny,” Krista commented, “very talented indeed!” “Suck him off bitch, he always liked that the best, right Ben?” Ben gritted his teeth and tried to hold back, but Sarah was driving his pecker to the very edge, and in another moment he would go over it. Grunting loudly, his pecker jerked twice and filled his wife’s mouth with cum. She hungrily drank it all down, trying her best to swallow every drop. “Bravo, slut, bravo,” Krista jeered, clapping as she said it! “You two ought to be in X-rated videos,” she added, pointing to a video camera that was recording everything that had happened so far.

“Okay Krista, that’s enough of this,” exclaimed a very upset Ben, “You got what you wanted, now get out!” Krista laughed a sinister evil laugh and retorted, “Oh, but Benny, I haven’t got near what I want, not yet anyway!” Turning her attention once again to Sarah, she said, “Let’s see what the little slut can do to satisfy a woman!” “Wouldn’t you like to see that, Benny, your little darling wife sucking my cunt?!?” “Get over here you little bitch,” Krista ordered Sarah, “get over here or I’ll make you a fucking widow!” Sarah wasted no time in scrambling off the bed andmaking her over to her captor. “That’s a very good little cunt,” extolled Krista, “I must say Benny, she is very obedient!” By now Krista had removed her pants and underwear, and was sitting in the chair, naked from the waste down. “Okay,” Krista said, “ever eaten one of these before,” as she spread her legs and exposed he vagina to a now stunned Sarah. Sarah shook her head no, and just stared at the furry muff now only inches from her face. Krista grabbed her by the hair and forced her mouth into her gaping slit. “Mmmmmm, Benny, she is VERY good at this, I wonder if she hasn’t been lying about doing this before, she seems to be an expert!” Benstrained to free himself from the nylon ropes that were holding him in place, but the more he struggled, the tighter they became. Watching his beautiful young wife eating his ex girl friend’s cunt, while abhorrent, was also very arousing! His hard cock was a dead give away, because Krista soon remarked, “Oh, Benny, it looks as if you’re enjoying the show!” “Krista,” Ben growled, “you’ll pay for this, I promise you, you’ll pay!” “Oh, I’m so scared,” Krista answered in a fake high pitched shaky voice. Through all the bantering back and forth between Ben and Krista, Sarah was busy licking Krista’s now dripping pussy. Having never tasted one before, Sarah was shocked to find out that the taste of a hot vagina was very arousing to say the least! Krista too was finding it arousing, because she was on the edge of a major orgasm! “Harder bitch,” Krista implored, “eat that fucking cunt like you love it!” Sarah bored in on the hot clit she a stuck between her lips, her tongue flicking across it’s tiny head. A few quick strokes, andKrista’s cunt muscles contracted, causing her pussy to gush and fill Sarah’s mouth with cunt juice.After a few minutes, after regaining her breath and her composure, Krista stood up and told Sarah to sit down in the chair. She produced several more lengths of rope and tied Sarah into the chair.Now with both of her victims tied up, Krista set the gun on the night stand and walked over to the bed and climbed on. “What do you want now,” asked a wary Ben, as he eyed his ex lover with suspicion? “Oh Benny, why let this magnificent erection go to waste?” “I’m going to do to you what only a few months ago you were begging me to do!” “I’m going to sit on that fat cock and fuck myself with it, that’s what I’m going to do!” Again, too stunned to respond, Sarah just sat in the chair and silently watched as Krista mounted her husband and lowered her cunt onto his now straining penis. When she had totaly engulfed him, both of them sucked in their breath and just looked each other in the eye, neither one willing to make the first move. Finally Krista lifted her hips and began driving the big pecker in and out of her dripping slit. “Oh Benny, you haven’t lost your touch,” she gushed, “you still know how to ring my bell!” Afraid of offending Sarah, Ben tried not to move his hips, for fear that she think he was actually enjoying the fucking Krista was giving him. That too was futile, because no matter what he felt about her, Krista had always been a great fuck, and this time was no exception! Her cunt muscles gripped his pecker, trying to milkhis cum from his bulging ball sack. He rolled his head to the side, looked Sarah in the eye, mouthed the words “I’m sorry”, and then turning his attention back to Krista, he began matching her movements, trying to get into her rhythm. After several fits and starts, he caught up to her and just like old times they moved their loins in unison. Together they drove each other towards orgasm, again just like old times, it was uncontrollable, and coming at them like a locomotive on the loose! At almost the same instant, both of them increased the pace of their stroking, causingtheir respective genitalia to start spasming in time with the other’s. It was like being thrown off ofa high cliff, the rush was unreal, both of them now over the precipice, their orgasms flooding through them and tearing at their very souls. “My fucking god,” Krista wailed, “you always were so fucking good in bed!” Ben, trying not to be too vociferous, none the less, let loose with his own string of epithets, most of which invoked the use of the term “so fucking good”. Krista collapsed on Ben’s chest, and snuggled close to him, listening to his heart pound in his chest, the result of the unbelievable fuck they had just shared. Finally hopping off him, Krista went around the bed and put all of her clothes back on. Going over to the dresser, she shut off the video camera and removed the tape. “Hey Benny,” she asked, “how much is this tape worth to you?”Before he could answer, she tossed it on the bed, and cut one of ropes holding Sarah’s arm to chair. Looking back at Ben she said, “That tape is a present from me to you and your bride, she should be able to get away now that her one arm is loose!” “I just had to have one last night to remember you by, hope you won’t hold it against me!” Ben and Sarah looked at each other, both relieved that the whole thing was over. “You mean that you’re going to leave now,” asked Sarah, still not quite believing that they were getting off this easily. “That’s right toots,” Krista replied,“I’m out of here right now, no hard feelings, okay, Ben?” Ben nodded, a small smile creeping over his face, “Yeah, Kris, no hard feelings!”

A moment later and she was out of the apartment. It took Sarah only a matter of minutes to free herself and then Ben from their ropes. When they finally were loose, Ben picked up the tape and held I it in his hands, just staring at it. Both of them must have been reading the other’s mind, because at the same time they both looked at the VCR and TV in the book case on the other side of the room. They both laughed together, and Ben hugged his wife and put the tape in the machine and turned it on. “I want to see that part where you’re eating her pussy,” he said playfully!” “Oh youuuuuu,” she retorted, and they both broke down and laughed some more as he put the tape into the machine and turned it on!


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